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A trebles voice

A trebles voice - Cover
Verpackung: Jewelcase
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Young Choristers of the Year

Young Choristers of the Year ist ein Wettbewerb der BBC.

Bisherige Preisträger:
2019 Cassian Pichler-Roca
2016 Edward Hyde
2015 Angus Benton,11, (Winchester College Chapel)
2014 Tom King, 13,  (Guildford Cathedral)
2013 Luke McWatters (Temple Church, London)
2012 Isaac Waddington (St Thomas's Cathedral, Portsmouth,)
2011 Richard Decker (The Queen's Chapel of the Savoy)
2010 Liam Jones (Chapel Choir, Durham School)
2009 Laurence Kilsby (Tewkesbury Abbey
2008 Harry Bradford (Chapel Royal, St James's Palace)
2007 Joel Whitewood (Canterbury Cathedral)
2006 William Dutton (St Mark's, Harrogate)
2005 Sam Adams-Nye (Bristol Cathedral)
2004 Thomas Jesty (Winchester Quiristers)
2003 Harry Sever (Buckinghamshire /Winchester College)
2002 James Eager (Llysworney in the Vale of Glamorgan)
2001 Nicholas Stenning (Winchester College)
2000 Nicholas Brown (Carlisle Cathedral)
1999 David Wigram (St. Albans, Herts)
1998 James Fox (St. Mary's Warwick)
1997 Graham Ross, 12 (Farnham, Surrey)


1992 Gavin Moralee (Dulwich)
1991 Oliver Sammons (All Saints Gresford Clwyd)
1990 Duncan Watts (St Thomas on the Bourne)
1989 Edward Snow (Hexham Abbey, Northumberland)
1988 Andrew Quartermain (St Mary le Tower, Ipswich)
1987 Adrian Phillips (St Matthew's, Northampton)
1986 Daniel Ludford-Thomas (St. Matthew's, Northampton)
1985 Jonathan Cunliffe (St. Helen's, Waddington)


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